About Disani estates

Our promise is to offer an unprecedented level of efficiency and honesty to our customers. Whether you are buying or selling a home, the process can have a range of emotions - frustrating, scary, exciting - and we are here to help manage that. We value our ability to connect with our customers on a human level, so that you feel comfortable in every step of the process.

At Disani Estates, we believe in equal and undifferentiated service for every customer, regardless of budget or purpose. The world may be a confusing place, but finding your perfect place in it should not be.

Our core values ​​- effective, honest, ethical - combine to define who we are and the service we provide to our customers every day


Why Choose Us

We provide full service at every step.


To provide accurate, up-to-date information, exceptional service and support for our customers and colleagues.


To distinguish trust, quality and integrity as our distinguishing marks, making the transaction process simpler for our customers..

Our Values

Communication, professionalism, dedication, respect and sincerity are our core values ​​in the activity we do.